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Stonehenge Capital is a leading national syndicator of various tax incentive-based investments. Since spinning off of Bank One in 1999, Stonehenge has monetized over $4.2 billion of federal and state tax credits across 72 different tax credit programs, deployed over $1.2 billion of investment into low income communities through federal and state New Market Tax Credit Programs, and grown to over 50 employees spread across offices in Baton Rouge, Columbus, NYC, Dallas, and Atlanta. Stonehenge has active federal historic and renewable tax equity funds as well as state premium tax credit offerings across the US. Please contact a Stonehenge representative for more information.

Gordon Leblanc; 225-408-3254;

Tom Adamek; 225-408-3250;

Anna Kathryn Barber; 225-408-3259;

Taylor Mayeux; 225-408-3258;

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