AAA Scholarship Foundation


AAA Scholarship Foundation (AAA) provides corporations with an innovative opportunity to invest in their communities at no cost to the company. By simply redirecting your state insurance premium tax liability to AAA to fund scholarships for low-income children you have changed a life. Although COVID-19 has changed how schools are operating this year, it has not changed the vast need for scholarships. Children need educational options, perhaps now more than ever. These programs give low-income children a chance at a better education, regardless of their family’s financial standing. With your help, parents will have hope for their children’s future, instead of fear, and children will have the confidence and security to chase their wildest dreams. With your help, we can be a stepping-stone in their success.

By simply redirecting your state insurance premium tax liability, you can provide valuable educational options for low-income children. Tax credits are still available in Florida, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. For more information contact Kerri Vaughan at or go to

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