Cabretta Capital Corporation


Based in Savannah Georgia, Cabretta Capital is a leading specialty finance firm with extensive experience in structured tax credit equity funds and tax-advantaged investment strategies. Our team of premier tax mitigation experts works hand in hand with clients, including individual investors and developers, to deliver profitable investment solutions through federal and state tax credits and innovative, qualified development projects.

Cabretta takes pride in helping clients navigate the various tax government programs, including federal and state tax credit programs, which can be monetized through public and private partnerships as well as a variety of investment funds.

With its native roots founded in the South, Cabretta is uniquely positioned as an insider with inherent market knowledge to best help clients identify and quickly secure valuable tax incentives to benefit both the generator and the market’s end-user such as the creation of affordable housing or the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

Peter J.A. Rourk
Senior VP of Institutional Tax Credit Investments

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